Autodesk REVIT BIM families – fire manifolds, suppression cylinders, non-return valve, etc
Soft4Cad team has developed Autodesk Revit BIM families - fire collectors, suppression cylinders, pneumatic starts, etc. for GC Pozhtechnika

This job was well known for us because we made the same 3D models for the AutoCAD platform. These 3D DWG models were used by our programmers during developing the AutoCAD plugin.

The list of equipment was ready and clear, so the project was done as one stage. We also had all the DWG drawings with dimensions.

One of the largest parts of the project is the development of fire collectors (manifolds) with various sizes and directions, with non-return valves and flanges, as well as fire suppression cylinders. You can see examples of the REVIT families below.



It also took a lot of time to develop stands for supression cylinders.



On the picture below you can see models of non-return valves and flanges.

The rest of the job - switchgear, pneumatic starts, nozzles – was not so voluminous and difficult due to the small nomenclature.