Floor Toolkit
Compatible with: Autodesk Revit Version: 2021 , 2020 , 2019 , 2018

A tool for automatic floor creation, quick filling of the room finish schedule, creating fields in floor schedule required by some national standards and counting the furniture of PVH floor moldings

Our app has the following features:

  1. Accurate creation of floors in automatic mode. While creating a floor, the holes under the columns and closed areas are taken into account, the floor also includes the space of the door threshold. Because of this, the area of the created floor will be slightly larger than the area of the room and it can be included as a new field in the room finish schedule.
  2. After changing the contours of the rooms and the location of the doors, the geometry of the floors can be quickly updated.
  3. Some national standards require additional fields for the floor schedule, such as a description of the floor compound structure, a sketch of the floor section and a list of rooms, where this type of floor is used. Our application fills all these fields. Sketches of the floors can be edited.
  4. While creating the floor, the program searches for the type of floor most suitable for the type of floor finish used in the room. We also offer a solution that allows you to quickly assign all room finish schedule fields, using text patterns in the name of the room.
  5. If the base finish contains PVH floor moldings, it makes sense to calculate not only the total molding length but also the number of connecting parts: inner and outer corners, joints and ends. If the base finish parameter specifies the length of one segment of the molding, the program will calculate the number of connecting parts per each room.

Assign Finish

This tool gives you a fast way to fill room instance parameters "Floor Finish", "Base Finish", "Wall Finish" and "Ceiling Finish".

The basic principle of this feature is finding a match between the finish patterns and names of rooms in the model. If a match is found, the room finish parameters fill with values from left fields. You can group values and patterns and save them to a file. The first group doesn’t have patterns - it is the main finish, which is assigned to all rooms, not listed in other groups.

Create Floors

Before creating floors, the program matches the type of floor, most suitable for the type of floor finish, used in the room.

The rules of matching finish and floor types may be changed in app settings. If floor finish in some rooms is not defined, a field "Not Defined" will be displayed. You may select certain floor type for this group.

Rebuild Floors

If room contours or the location of the doors have changed, you can use this tool to rebuild the contours of the floors. You can also create new floors in rooms of complicated shapes by simply drawing a rectangle floor and rebuilding it with this tool. If you fill the floor area in the field “Floor Area” in Room Finish Schedule, it will be updated too.

Floor Moldings

Calculating a length of floor moldings is an easy task, in most cases it is a subtraction of the door width from the room perimeter. But for some types of floor moldings, such as PVH moldings, it is necessary to count the number of connecting elements. If you specify the length of the one molding segment in the parameter "Base Finish", the number of these elements will be counted automatically. Pay attention to the correct format of this parameter. For example: PVH molding (l=2.10 м)

Floor Sections

Some national standards require additional fields for the floor schedule, such as a description of the floor compound structure, a sketch with a floor cross-section and a list of rooms, where this type of floor is used.

The tool “Floor Sections” creates Drafting Views with sections of floors, saves them as an images, and place them in "Type Image" field of floor schedule. The next runs of tool delete these drafting views and creates new ones. You can manually edit every drafting view with floor section, but you must set view parameter "Blocked" as "1". In this case you edits will be saved as image and appear in a schedule field, but will not be deleted in the next runs.
This tool also fills the field with a description of the compound structure of the floor.

Floor Locations

This tool generates a list of rooms where this floor is used and fills a suitable Floor type parameter. The generating of this list process for each level of model.


Almost all parameters used by the application can be changed in the settings.