Database for AutoCAD Electrical

As in any other CAD, AutoCAD Electrical has a database of standard components. A well-designed, user-friendly database greatly simplifies the work in the AutoCAD Electrical and increases the speed of the design.

Soft4Cad Team developed the database of Russian standard blocks according to GOST (Russian standard for design) because originally AutoCAD Electrical doesn’t have such database.

AutoCAD Electrical Database is running on 2010-2017 versions, adapted for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and 10, 32 and 64 bits.

Library consists of three parts.


The first part contains graphic symbols (DWG blocks) for schemes. Each symbol is an intellectual block with attributes saving information about the product.

Graphic symbols in AutoCAD Electrical

Panel components

The second part of database is an array of panel components in accordance with the real equipment dimensions. Each panel component is an intellectual DWG block with information about the product.

Panel component in accordance with the dimensions

List of items

The third part is a list of equipment containing different manufacturers and groups of equipment. User can choose any item applicable for symbol (DWG block) on the drawing. Database gives to user only appropriate items so user can’t choose equipment which does not applicable for this symbol.

List of equipment markings in AutoCAD Electrical

The database includes the following groups:

Group 1. Circuit Breakers
Group 2. Non-automatic switches
Group 3. Pushbutton switches
Group 4. Test and Measurement Equipment and Automation
Group 5. Pipeline valve
Group 6. Thermal fuse
Group 7. Light-signal equipment
Group 8. Electric motors and power generator
Group 9. Contactors
Group 10. Cables of Russian Manufacturers
Group 11. Relay
Group 12. Starters
Group 13. Technology equipment