Frequently asked questions
  • 1. Why Soft4Cad?
    • We do only what we know. We develop only specialized software for industrial or design companies. We don't develop accounting systems, law systems, ERP systems, or other similar systems.
    • We've researched all marketing and strategic problems of manufacturing companies to propose ready solution which will increase your profits and expand your target audience and potential customers.
    • You can surf through several of our past projects in the OUR PROJECTS section.
    • We work with a different clients including small and large Manufacturers, design organizations and individual engineers.
  • 2. How to write Technical Task (Technical Requirement)?

    Users are rarely able to imagine how future program should look. Meanwhile a quality Technical Specification is 50% of future success of the application.

    Writing of Technical Specification is the first stage of software development. We find it is better to entrust writing of Technical Specification to a professional.

    A senior project manager can write Technical Specification with the customer's help. The project manager oversees the process of project execution and serves as the point of contact between the customer, the programmer, and the software tester.

    If you decide to write your own Technical Specification, make sure it is different from the user manual. The functions of User Manual and Technical Specification are different, and they should be separate documents.

  • 3. Required content in Technical Task

    The following points should be covered in the Technical Specification:

    • Technical parameters of the program. What kind of operating systems and CAD\BIM systems should the software be developed for?
    • Program interface. What kind of windows should users see? (i.e., Where are buttons and commands located in these windows? Is buttons design standard or are they specially painted?)
    • Algorithm of the program. What actions should users do and in what sequence to achieve results? How does the program data interact with each other? Are there operations of mutual exclusion, data usage restrictions? Calculation of parameters, release of project documentation, etc.
    • Program installation. Should the program be installed automatically or be loaded each time manually?
  • 4. Development costs?

    An estimate of costs/time for software development will be discussed only once Technical Specification has been written and approved. However approximate cost and time will be provided before creating a detailed Technical Specification.

  • 5. Intellectual property rights for the program and a source code?

    All source codes created by Soft4Cad team will be provided to the customer. Moreover, the contract stipulates that all intellectual rights to the program developed by Soft4Cad team shall pass to the customer upon completion of the project.

  • 6. Can the client patent software?

    Theoretically, yes, they can. But it usually does not provide protection from anything. A programmer can develop a similar program, but the source code will be different. This is like a situation when two people are writing an essay on a given topic - both people are writing about the same thing but using different words.

    In addition, each country has its own legislation regarding patenting.